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In Spirit and Religion

Many historians and academics support the theory that Robin Hood was derived from the original "Green Man" of early Pagan and Medieval beliefs who was seen as a mythological symbol of fertility and the re-birth of nature through the seasons. He was an important character in the early May Games and the mystical element that frequently surrounds his legend has formed the basis for a myriad of spiritual interpretations involving the Dark Arts, spectres and even regression to a past life!

The Green Man - The Mythical “face in the leaves”

The "Green Man" imagery is believed to date back to early medieval associations with Pagan mysticism and is often interpreted as a symbol of fertility and regeneration. Historians and folklorists have linked the evolution of the Robin Hood legend to the Green Man and to other figures from the cycle of the seasons, such as Jack in the Green, John Barleycorn, the Wild Man of the Woods and the mischievous sprite Robin Goodfellow.