Discovery of an 18th Century text re-kindles the debate about the dark side of Robin Hood’s character!



The revelations of a recent discovery of an 18th Century text at Leeds Trinity University has once again thrust the dubious side of Robin Hood's outlaw origins into the spotlight. PhD Student, Stephen Basdeo has unearthed a story set in 1202 that claims the legendary hero became a corrupt establishment figure.

However, this is not the first time that the truth about Robin Hood's existence outside the law has been brought into question. With no real evidence to support any theory of exactly who he was, some academics and enthusiasts have speculatively linked him to several real historical fugitives from justice who hid within the shelter of the English forest in an around the 12th Century. Many of these men were hardened criminals who never thought twice about thieving and killing to survive – the complete opposite to the legendary people's champion that the popular Sherwood tales tell us "robbed the rich to give to the poor"!

Mr. Basdeo claims that his discovery may change the mindset of Robin Hood fans around the world!

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