NEW ROBIN HOOD CHORAL WORK tells the legend of the Sherwood outlaw from an original musical perspective.

Composer, Guy Turner has written a new choral work based on historic texts related to Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

“Songs and Legends of Robin Hood” is a 35 minute work that includes settings of poems by Sir Walter Scott and Lord Alfred Tennyson and will form the basis of a 60th Anniversary celebratory concert when the 130-strong Nottingham Bach Choir premiere the piece in St Mary’s Church, Nottingham on June 13th. Accompanied by a piano and two French Horns, it also includes a drinking song by Friar Tuck and pieces sung by  Maid Marian and Will Scarlett.

Meryl Aldridge, the choir’s chairman said: ”We have a 60-year association with Nottingham, which means we are particularly pleased to be performing something about Nottingham’s famous legendary character.”