LATEST FICTIONAL ROBIN HOOD NOVEL  interweaves the controversial mysteries surrounding the outlaw’s Kirklees grave, with long-buried secrets un-earthed by modern day ghost hunters.

Yorkshire writer and enthusiastic Robin Hood researcher, Barbara Green, follows up her two previous books ("Secrets of the Grave" and "The Outlaw Robin Hood") with her first fictional take on the intriguing fascination that draws paranormal and supernatural investigators to Robin Hood's supposed final resting place in the grounds of Kirklees Priory.

In "Spirit of the Greenwood", the author builds on the controversial issues that connect the famous English outlaw to the remote Yorkshire location and interweaves the facts in an up-to-date storyline in which the outlaws of Sherwood and Barnsdale forests make their appearance and relate their fascinating tales. When the ghosts of the greenwood and the ghostbusters of today finally meet up long-buried secrets are at last revealed!

Barbara Green lives just two miles from Robin Hood's Kirklees grave site and she has spent thirty years researching this little known part of the famous legend. The places she writes about are all still there to be seen and the fictional twist that she adds to her story hints of a modern-day mystery that is still waiting to be finally solved!