The Legend of
Robin Hood
Richard Rutherford-Moore

Anyone searching for Robin Hood can draw on a wide range of literature from the tomes of weighty academic research to the rather more inventive reworking of the legend in modern fiction.

Often missing is the sense of spirit, time and place which gives the reader personal access to Robin's world; a world very different from the one we live in today.

And that's precisely why Richard Rutherford-Moore's new book, "the Legend of Robin Hood" works so well.

To begin with, Rutherford-Moore knows his subject intimately. An accomplished historical interpreter born only 1/4 of a mile from Loxley (a claimed birthplace of Robin Hood), the author is renowned in Nottinghamshire for his guided tours of Robin Hood country in the guise of a Forester of Sherwood AD 1200. He knows of Robin Hood and of life in the Greenwood and he tells it both like it was and like it is with authenticity and authority.

In "the Legend of Robin Hood" the topic is explored from the early beginnings of medieval times through to modern 20th. Century cinema and fiction.

The book begins with the dawn of the Robin Hood Legend guiding the reader through the heady historical mix of myth, beliefs, traditions and culture which set the stage for Robin's exploits.

Rutherford-Moore's story telling skilfully sets out the development of the Legend from the first ballads, through printed historical records, to the folklore and places which have immortalised Robin's story in the hearts and minds of people through the centuries.

The famous stories like "Robin Hood and Little John" and "The Death of Robin Hood" are rewritten and explored by the author with easy insight. The other Outlaws are not neglected. Each is given space for their character and history to be examined and their part in the Legend to be placed in its proper context.

Nowhere is the sense of "place" that runs through the book more apparent than in the section of the book that deals with locations of the Legend. Here, Rutherford-Moore's personal knowledge and passion for the landmarks of the Legend gives real flavour to the Robin Hood story. Over 30 such sites are covered together with photographs to illustrate the treasures of this beautiful area.

Finally, Rutherford-Moore draws the threads together.
Who was Robin Hood?
Why is he the archetypal hero?
What does the Legend mean to us today?

Rutherford-Moore has answers and in the final epilogue pages he sets out a personal statement saying........ Well, to reveal it here would spoil the fun!

"The Legend of Robin Hood" by Richard Rutherford-Moore is an exciting read for anyone interested in the Legend of Nottingham's favourite son. Get hold of a copy and give it a try.

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